Prostitution and the sex industry in general have exposed me to a lot of divergent realities about money and sex. I experienced for the first time what it felt like to “pay for everything, ” as had all the men I used to date. I started my own business, paid all my own bills, traveled, took men and women out, invested, shopped till I dropped, and walked away from hundreds of dollars because I had more important things to do with my time. […]
I am not suggesting that prostitution is the only way to acquire this information and experience. But I do believe that prostitution affords a unique opportunity to see some truths about the way women are expected to interact with sex and money in our society. Once I lost the approval and acceptance of the good girl and felt the punishment and rejection of the bad girl my view of reality changed drastically. At that point, it became apparent that mainstream feminism just wasn’t radical enough. A feminist theory that allowed me to complain about wage discrimination but failed to show me how to make more money to pay my bills was of little practical use.

Véronica MONET, “Sedition”, in  Jill NAGLE, Whores and other feminists, Routledge, 1997,  p. 220

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