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Along with impo…

Along with impoverishment, unemployment, overwork, homelessness, and debt has gone the increasing criminalization of the work- ing class, through a mass incarceration policy recalling the seventeenth century Grand Confinement, and the formation of an ex-lege proletariat made of undocumented immigrant workers, students defaulting on their loans, producers or sellers of illicit goods, sex workers. It is a multitude of proletarians, existing and laboring in the shadow, reminding us that the production of populations without rights—slaves, indentured servants, peons, convicts, sans papiers—remains a structural necessity of capital accumulation.

Silvia Federici, « The Reproduction of Labor Power in the Global Economy and the Unfinished Feminist Revolution » (2008), in  Revolution at point Zero : Housework Reproduction and Feminist Struggle, p. 105