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Wherever possible we shall strive to set up our committees, committees of the Social-Democratic Labour Party. They will consist of peasants, paupers, intellectuals, prostitutes (a worker recently asked us in a letter why not carry on agitation among the prostitutes), soldiers, teachers, workers – in short, all Social-Democrats, and none but Social-Democrats … The urban and industrial proletariat will inevitably be the nucleus of our Social-Democratic Labour Party, but we must attract to it, enlighten, and organise all who labour and are exploited, as stated in our programme – all without exception: handicraftsmen, paupers, beggars, servants, tramps, prostitutes.

Lénine, Collected Works, vol. 9, pp. 237-8., trouvé ici :

the persecution of the withes…

the persecution of the witches was the climax of the state intervention against the proletarian body in the modern era.

Silvia FEDERICI, The Great Caliban : The Struggle Against the Rebel Body p. 12